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by David Aula and Simon Evans


"Cheeky and unexpectedly moving"

**** The Guardian 

Hugo Cedar was an Edwardian magician known as “The Vanishing Man”; he performed the perfect trick and then was never seen or heard of again. Director performers Simon Evans and David Aula present a time-hopping, misdirection-busting, mind-bending examination of what really happens when a man, in full sight of his audience, simply ceases to be. So much more than a magic show. It is the story of a magic trick: the greatest one ever performed.


The Vanishing Man @ EdFringe 2018

We hit the press

We had an amazing time in Edinburgh and as well as all the wonderful punters we met some fine journalists came and said some nice stuff about our work. Which was good. 

Alex Brenner's amazing production shots...