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by Jack Monaghan

"Aula, a director with a penchant for theatrical magic, crafts several moments of genuine joy"

**** The Stage 

The Rain God is a science-fable for the fake news generation. Half camp-fire legend, half meteorological documentary, and performed with a live original score: this one-woman show tells the mysterious true story of Charles Mallory Hatfield – a man who made it rain.


by David Aula and Simon Evans

"They’re a great double act, one dapper and decent, the other bald, bearded and belligerent... The closest thing I can compare it to is one of the more self-consciously complex episodes of Sherlock. Only better."

**** The Stage 

Vanishing Mankind was David and Simon Evans' (dir. Killer Joe, Traf 1; The Best ManPlayhouse; The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, Donmar) first attempt at a sequel to The Vanishing Man. We had a lot of fun and we learned a great deal. We're retiring this show and creating a new show which will be both sequel and prequel to The Vanishing Man (time-travel innit). This will be called The Extinction Event and will join The Vanishing Man in Edinburgh 2018. 

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by William Shakespeare

“The MOST fantastic and moving and thrilling and enthralling version, as clear and tense and touching as could be imagined: I was completely overwhelmed by the easy genius of the construction, and by the playing of the dazzling Brandreths.” Joanna Lumley

With a running time of 90 minutes, this Hamlet blasts through our expectations of a familiar text offering a unique take on Shakespeare’s most famous play, performed by a unique cast.

The unique cast were Gyles Brandreth, his son, Benet Brandreth and Benet's wife, Kosha Engler. David and Simon directed th


by Jimmy Osborne

"As the audience cross the stage to their seats, actor (and director) David Aula is already sitting in the performance space. He’s a big jovial man, with a scruffy beard and glasses from behind which twinkling eyes are watching shrewdly. It is a bit uncomfortable sat up in the chairs with this man expectantly observing his crowd but then, with a wry smile, he stands up... an incredible script... and a deep and complex character"

Savage Online

Maisie is a play inspired by a question. Does being a strong man mean keeping it all in? One simple question that then inspires further questions. Is that what men have been asked to do? Who is asking them to do it? Does it work? What could happen if one man does keep it all in? What happens to those around him? What happens to him? We also wanted to explore cycles of learnt behaviour and how we can take on patterns of behaviour without being conscious of it.

It’s also a play about Sheldon, someone who would loe a big family. Someone who wants to be happy.

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by David Aula and Simon Evans

"Cheek and unexpectedly moving"

**** The Guardian 

Hugo Cedar was an Edwardian magician known as “The Vanishing Man”; he performed the perfect trick and then was never seen or heard of again. Director performers Simon Evans and David Aula present a time-hopping, misdirection-busting, mind-bending examination of what really happens when a man, in full sight of his audience, simply ceases to be. So much more than a magic show. It is the story of a magic trick: the greatest one ever performed.


by Ian McEwan

adapted by David Aula and Jimmy Osborne

“As sharp as can be… rancid, beguiling and playful.” 

 ★★★★ The Sunday Times

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